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Windsor Photo Walk Riverside Drive

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Pelee Passage Lighthouse

The light house served as the main navigational aid for the Great Lakes Mariness useing the lakes Erie Pelee Passage from 1902 to 1975 The light house was re-erected by Dean Construction Co. Ltd. On the present site as a gift to The City of Windsor in Honour of its founder Americo Dean in the Year 1980


The Frontenac was unloading it's cargo..

Windsor Photo Peace Fountain

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Joeph L. Reaume 1863 - 1930

Reaume Park is named after Joseph L. Reanme a Generous Business man who donated this land to the community. Reanume's family was one of the first to settle this part of Essex Countty. In the late 1920's "Jovial Joe , " as he became known, operated the Mc Coll-Frontenac Gas Company, a small gas station and refreshment stand on the north side of Riverside Drive at Pillette Road. In 1931 Reaume bequeathed some 4.7 acres of his property to the former town of East Windsor for a park so the beauty of the water front could be enjoyed by all. The seven - acre Coventry Gardens named in houour of Windsor's Twin City of Coventry England, was added to the original Reaume Park in 1975.

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