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  • Annamaria Perruccio

Sept 11 2012

Thank you for this picture Rick, I have attached some pictures for you to use on your website.

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Like last year, we organized a team called "Windsor Rights" on behalf of the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law to participate in the Parkinson SuperWalk. Our team was comprised of students and faculty and together, we raised over $1,900 (and donations are still coming in!) for lifesaving research in support of the Parkinson Society of Canada. We had a great day and all for a worthy cause!

We look forward to future initiatives between Windsor Law and the Windsor community.

Yours Truly,

Annamaria Perruccio & Lauren Calderwood Co-Chairs, 2012 Windsor Rights

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Windsor Parkinson Super Walk

Windsor Parkinson Support Group: Windsor Community Living Support Services
Windsor Parkinson’s Support Group Windsor

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