Windsor Parkinson Meeting October 28, 2014

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Parkinson home.jpg . . Welcomes Guest Speaker : Teresa Culleton Baluyot from Lifetime Wellness Centre

will be presenting us " regarding the use of lasers in conjunction with brain function ,balance and co-ordination as it relates to Parkinson's ."

Dr. Teresa Culleton-Baluyot, D.C.
Laser Practition€r, Soft Tlssue Therapy, Athletic Taping

L - R Dr.Teresa Culleton-Bahuyot, D.C
Pat St. Pierre, MSW,RSW,
The effects of Low Level laser on the Health of all Cells and Tissues

All cells whether it be an organ, brain, or blood cell, need energy to function. Once energy production has stopped, the cell dies. It does not matter where the cells are in your body, they all require function and are all involved within a system, that system being physiology, or life.

How does the Low Level laser work and what can it do for me?

Light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by a receptor into the mitochondria of a cell (energy production and storage centre). Light promotes energy production, growth of a cell, increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body.

lncreasing blood flow in the body = lncreased Oxygen = Healing = Pain Reduction

The Erchonia Laser is the first and only FDA cleared laser for the relief of chronic pain.

Understanding Brain Degeneration, Parkinson's Disease and Heurodegenerative Prevention

Our brain controls all functions of life. Aging in the brain, also known as Neurodegeneration is a normal process, but the common stereotypes of aging are not- Research shows there is minimal cognitive decline even into our 90 year.

So why is there more dementia today then ever before? 4 million in the U.5. and up to 14 million by 2060. 1/10OO people have Parkinson's and even more showing Parkinson symptoms.

There are no medications that can improve brain function, none l!

Parkinons's is a neurodegenerative disease, interrupting dopamine production. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for movements in the body via nerves and brain. Dopamine production is located in the Midbrain, { auditory and visual info} specifically the Substantia Niagra. Damage in this area causes dopamine production failure and Parkinson symptoms appears.

Most Common Common Commonly Associated
Tremors Slowness / stiffness impaired balance Rigidity of muscle
Fatgue / Sleep Disturbances Soft spoken Handwriting Stooped Posture
Depression 1 / 10 Digestive Probs Connitive Change Sleep Issues / Constipation

themselves. You must practice the art of AGING WEtLll! Protect yourself from the common but not normalconditions associated with aging.

Brain tissue is post-myotic meaning brain tissue does not regenerate. When brain cells die, they die. Brain cells die off daily. At birth, you are born with the most brain cells that you will ever have. Although brain cells do not return, they are able to form new connections with other neurons/nerve cells to preserve function even when these cells are in poor health ( NEUROPLASTICITY / NEUROTROPISM ).

Pre Neurodeg = A -> C The pathway will move from A to B, to C

Neuro Plasticity = A-> C The pathway will move from A to D, to E, to C

Prevention ls the Key in Maintaining and Preserving Brain Health The following kill brain cells faster than aging does:

1: Blood Sugar Imbalances { Alzheimer's is now being called the "diabetes of the brain"}

2. Hypoxia poor oxygen circulation/anemias- anything that decreases oxygen to the brain

3. Inflammation {Autoimmunity, Leaky Gut, Chronic infections, Food Toxins}

4. Traumatic Brain Injury actual brain injury, falls, concussions, stroke

5. Toxic foods {sugars, processed oils, grains }and having a nutrient dense diet {essential fatty acids from wild fish, nuts, avocadoes, coconut) ensures proper brain/cell fuel for function

6.Poor Sleep our cells and tissue heal with rest

DHA {essential fatty acids from fish ) increase brain pathways

Fire in the gut= Fire in the brain. Inflammation in the gut will activate immune cells of the brain. Chronic stress in the gut shows up in the brain.

Stay mentally and physically active. Atrophy of the brain will happen with no stimulation. Our brains need oxygen, keep moving and keep engaging in life.

Get enough sleep our cells heal at rest, take it when needed!!

Ealiest Signs of Neurodegeneration

Fatigue with brain activity or normal daily activities signs of neurodeg, energy production in the brain is low

"""Depression """ frontal cortex {area of higher learning / goals / engagement} is not working

Poor digestion Cranial nerve x is the Vagus Nerve. It starts at the brain and goes to the gut. This nerve is responsible for all digestive secretion, intestinal movements and gall bladder contractions.

90 percent of brain output goes to the Vagus nerve. Low vagus Nerve function in the brain directly involves digestion problems. GUT BRAIN AXIS Alos cold feet / hands / fungal toes that don't heal, brain fog all are involved with the Vagus Nerve.

"Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later Have to find time for illness."

Edward Stanley

Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well

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Meeting Followup

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