Windsor Parkinson Meeting November 27, 2012

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Parkinson home.jpg . . Welcomes Guest Speaker : Dr. Richard Kniaziew an Optometrist

will be presenting " to us about Parkinson's Disease and Vision."

Parkinson' s Discussion

  1. . Disease
  2. . Cunent treatment
  3. . Eye problems
  4. . Future
L-R Pat St.Pierre,MSW,RSW
Dr.Richard Kniaziew Optomtrist


  • Imbalance between two chemicals messangers.

In most of cases, there is loss of DOPAMINE in substantia nigra and degeneration of dopamine nerve terminals in the corpus striatum.

  • 60-80% of dopaminergic neurons are lost before the motor signs of

Parkinson disease emerge.

  • Presently PD is mainly caused by environmental factors and

hereditary factors.

Current Treatment

  • They treat the disease but do not alter the underlying degenerative


  1. . Increase the synthesis of dopamine
  2. . Enhance the action of dopamine
  3. . Decrease the degradation of dopamine
  4. . Inhibitors

Eye problems

  1. . Blurred vision (modification of anticholinergic medicine and increase rx )
  2. . Double vision (improves with anti-Parkinson medicine)
  3. . Tearing (artificial tears and avoiding dry environments)
  4. . Dry eyes
  5. . Difficulty of moving eyes (improves with anti-Parkinson drugs)
  6. . Contrast sensitivity reduced (levodopa)
  7. . Color vision (improves with anti-Parkinson medicines)
  8. . Depth perception
  9. . Difficulty in judging movement of moving objects
  10. . Glaucoma some drugs may cause problems
  11. . Hallucination reducing dose of Anti-Parkinson drugs and use of CLOZAPINE and QUETAPINE
  12. . Blepharospasm


  • Cure will come from stem cell research.
  • Gene therapy with stem cell research.

Office - Dr. Richard Kniaziew
141 Talbot Street West,
Leamington Ontario, N8H-1N2
Ph. 519-322-4488

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