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The PACZKI Tradition

For hundreds of years in my beloved Poland, my countrymen have been celebrating the arrival of Lent
by making Paczki (Punch-Key ). These delicious, jelly filled dongh balls are made from the finest ingredients
and are covered with several types of sugar or glaze. For Fat Tuesday ( Ostatki ) , the day before Ash Wednesday,
our bakers make paczki because we are going to fast for 40 days and we want to use up the ingredients in our households.
Our German neghbors to the west call them Berliners and our Austrian friends to the south celebrate with the Krapfen.
Please join me,Polish -American ( Canadian ) lender, and your baker in re-living this old Polish custom by enjoying the best Paczki.

Herbert A. Holinko,KSIS

Recipient of the Cavalier's Cross Poland's Hightest civilian award text.


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