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St Pauls United Church-Property

Homebutton01.jpg. Welcome to St. Paul's United Church

Glen Knowles, Chair of Property Committee

Property Report/06 A great deal of our Capital Fund(maintenance) was spent this year on various repairs to the church & the Manse.

New taps were installed in the Victoria Hall kitchen by Fowler Plumbing.

Volunteer painters, painted all the gray floors in the Victoria Hall sections & the gray floors downstairs in the Sanctuary.

Volunteers also painted ,the Sanctuary back hallway, the north side entrance, also the front Sanctuary. Vestibule& the balcony walls, some patching was necessary because of the previous leak in the roof.

All the rooms at the Manse had to be painted for the new tenants, we had to pay for the labour in this case, plus he had to repair several holes in the walls.

Two throw rugs were purchased for the Victoria Hall entrances.

Several volunteers showed up on May13 to cleanup the church gardens, to assist Kay& Bob Coulson.

The wooden bench outside Victoria hall was refinished by a volunteer-it looks great .

A new toilet was installed in the Men's Victoria Hall washroom, which was donated. A handicap seat was also installed there.

A new steel handicap door was installed in the same washroom, paid for by the Quilters of the church.

A newer vanity was donated & installed in the Ladies Sanctuary basement rest room. The room also had some renovations done.

KenWil Services was called to repair the Victoria hall furnace, The Manse furnace, also to replace a motor on the Sanctuary boiler& new zone valve on the heating system.

Electric Eel was called to unplug the Manse sewer drain, also the drain for the flat roof, also unplug the boiler room sewer.

Our volunteers ripped out the old rugs at the Manse, we rented a waste bin to empty the rest of the discarded things at the Manse. Our volunteers made several trips to the disposal dump to get ride of the balance as well.

Our biggest expense was the rewiring of the Manse, which we did not expect, although it had to be done

One of our volunteers spent a lot of time shampooing the rug in the ladies lounge. It has made a big difference.

The Property Committee thanks all the volunteers for their donations& free labour in trying to keep up the appearance of the church

Property Chairman,

Glen Knowles.

Property Report/2004

This past year,we made several improvements to the church property due to the generous contributions to the Capital Fund and the Restoration Fund.

We replaced a window in the front of the church basement and two on the East basement wall.We replaced the Victoria Hall Arthur Rd. entrance door.Due to the generous donation from Henry&Dorothy Martin we were able to replace the Sanctuary entrance doors.Also due to Russ&Dianne Gray's special contribution we were able to install a sound system for Victoria Hall,and upgrade the Sanctuary sound system.

From the Canadian Tire coupons donated,we were able to replace some Banquet table legs for Victoria Hall,also purchase a new answering machine.The boiler required two new water valves& a new pilot light on one boiler.We also purchased a programmable thermostat for the Sanctuary basement.The church roof was repaired in several places,including a major leak in the balcony.The Victoria Hall was painted,also considerable painting& repairing was done for Sanctuary entrance area.We replaced the handles in Victoria hall hallway& the sink drain in the old kitchen.

Ron Schiller did considerable electrical work,which was a big saving in labour costs.

A new snowblower was donated& the shed had to be altered to accomadate it.

Our maintenance volunteers,managed to repair the Manse side stormdoor,without replacing it

Our two water heaters have now been purchased, instead of being rented.

The Sanctuary outside, above the front door has been repaired,also the white cross.

Thanks to all, that contributed financially, or your time, in the upkeep of the church.

Property chairman

God Bless

Glen Knowles

Property Report/2003

In January the Stewards Committee started a Restoration Fund ,due to the necessity of replacing the leaking Victoria hall roof.While pricing this project,the Sanctuary Dormers sprang a major water leak.The roofs have now been replaced&repaired from donations to the Restoration fund.The fund currently has received over $14000.00.

We have now established a wish list of projects,where we require 2 estimates,in anticipation of a government grant.The Restoration Fund will continue,with your support, so we can raise funds for the much needed repairs& replacements,of windows,doors,elevator,&painting.

The Capital Fund continues to pay for the everyday expenses of,inspections&,general maintenance of the churchThe Capital Fund paid out this year about$900.00

Our policy is(if it is not broken, we do not replace it),unless we have the funds.

This year we rearranged the Vestibule,then cleaned out the third floor.We had our usual electric & plumbing problems,replacing some water taps,& outside& inside lights.

We painted the Victoria hall ladies washroom & the ministers office wall on one side.

Our St Paul's volunteers went out to Gesstwood Camp,and cleaned up our cabin #6, then had a great day with a Bar B Q.

Our office staff,put together a Fire Safety booklet,which was handed out to our Safety committee,Ina Stoneman,Frank Davenport,Tim Carr,Roger Mills,Peter Remdenok & Glen Knowles.

Before Christmas the kitchen door was forced open and the police were called.We were required to put on a new door lock & handle,we also put a steel cover over the handle&lock to slow down the intruders next time.

We also put on another door strip on the bottom of the back door of Victoria hall..

We thank Robert &.Kathleen Coulson for their dedication for keeping up our outside gardens,also the weekly flowers in the Sanctuary.A great job well done.

I thank everyone,members&non members who responded to the upkeep of the church.The labour costs saved, cannot be understated.The dedication of the Fund Raising Committee,all that work to contribute time& money to keep our church looking good is appreciated.We are truly like a family.

In appreciation to all. .Property Chair -Glen Knowles

Property Report/2002

We started the year by buying 100 new chrome chairs,then added 6 new banquet tables.All the money was donated from different individuals & groups.

The west side roof eavestrough was repaired & rerooted down the side of the building.The other roofs were tared in several places.

The lawn sign light bulbs were replaced,also a light was put up on the north door.

We now have two freezers,one was donated ,the other purchased by the pie people.

We had to replace most of our emergency light batteries ,since the hydro was out three days in the summer.

The yellow Sanctuary steps were painted by volunteers.

The Board gave us permission to petition Arthur Rd. to change the parking to the other side.This was done & there have been no complaints.

Our volunteers have installed used donated carpet in the Tellers & Communion rooms.

A new microphone was put on the Sanctuary floor microphone stand.

We installed a better hand rail on the North entrance,&repaired some others.

Our committee repaired some water taps & put in a new door bell.

Volunteers replaced our caretaker for two weeks & did some special cleaning.The Board has voted to start a Renovation Fund to replace the Victoria Hall roof & some needed doors &.windows At the Manse we replaced the washing machine& repaired the T.V.line We also had to replace the fan belt on the furnace.

The Capital Fund is now used for all inspections,repairs& maintenanceIt has kept our church looking good inspite of all the upkeep.

I appreciate all the help this past year.Thank you for your donations&support.

Property chair

Glen Knowles .

Addition information:

The Victoria Hall roof has been completed. The Sancturary dormers have been repaired and the roof leaks hopefully have been stopped. Admin | © St. Pauls United Church 2014

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