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[[File:Helon Lawton Church.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Helen Lawton ]]
[[File:Helon Lawton Church.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Helen Lawton ]]
[[File:St-Pauls-Church- 5857.jpg |300px|thumb|left| Thanksgivning ]]
[[File:St-Pauls-Church- 5857.jpg |300px|thumb|left| Thanksgiving ]]
*Sunday  10:30am ** <br/>
*Sunday  10:30am Thanksgiving** <br/>
[[File:St Paul Church Epiphany 4645.png|300px|thumb|left|[] Epiphany candles ]]
[[File:St Paul Church Epiphany 4645.png|300px|thumb|left|[] Epiphany candles ]]

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Homebutton01.jpg. Welcome to St. Paul's United Church
Welcome St. Paul's United Church

973 Pillette Road

Windsor, Ontario Canada N8Y-3B7 Phone 519-948-1724

We would like to wish you a warm welcome and invite you to visit our place of worship.

Sunday Worship is at 10:30 am

We have parking on Arthur Rd. the street behind the church.

Our Ministers are Rotating

Helen Lawton
  • Sunday 10:30am Thanksgiving**
[1] Epiphany candles

  • Sunday 10:30pm **
Palm Sunday March 20,2016

  • Sunday Sunday Service -10:30am

  • Sunday Sunday Service -10:30am

  • Sunday Sunday Service -10:30am

Organist - Mrs Heather Inksetter is looking for additional members for the choir. Any member interested should contact Heather or through our church office 519 948 1724

Please join us for fellowship time in Victoria Hall following the service. *

Up Coming Events

  • The 83rd Scouting Group Collecting :

They are collecting tabs from pop cans, beer can,soup can ets.. A drop off container will be on the book shelf at the top of north stairs. These will be forwarded to the new Ronald McDonald House being built in one of the empty wings of Metropolitan Hospital. Your help in this will be greatly appreciated . Thank you.

      New office HOURS 
   Tuesday:   Please Call  519-948-1724          
   Thursday:  Please Call  519-948-1724 
   Friday:    Please Call  519-948-1724 
   Fax.519 948 8478

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Use Rick's online contact form HERE.

St Paul 02.gif . St. Paul's United Church

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