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Here it is summer again – how time flies, and this is our 3rd newsletter for this year, to keep you up to date with St. Paul’s. Summer Office Hours: The office will be closed for July and August but mail and phone will be checked daily. For rentals of Victoria Hall only call Ina at 519 945-7184 after 12:00 noon.

The rental cost is $100.00 in advance + $25.00 cash for cleanup for our janitor with specific rules to follow for eg. No alcoholic beverages allowed, kitchen to be left as you found it, you will use your own utensils, used dish towels are to be left in the basket near the sink. We have free advertising in kijiji.

Our organist will offer music during the summer services, but the choir will not be singing but perhaps Shirley Meloche will offer a solo now and then.

Fans will be set up before the service to provide comfort for our congregation.

Cindy Hillis will take a breather for the summer for the coffee hour. However it will still continue. We’ll serve limited coffee and tea, cookies and we’ll add juice for the summer. Thanks for taking this on for all these past years Cindy.

The shed for our outdoor equipment has been replaced and is just inside the new fence to the south of our side door. We lost the current one during a windstorm earlier this year. The cost was covered from Jim McCall’s books, tuques and kitchen towels, a private donation and church money. The shed was professionally installed by Cosco and supervised by Delores and Ron Schiller with thanks.

The quilters will finish the quilt they’re currently working on then take the summer off and return September 6th. We do have baby quilts on hand for sale at a cost of $45.00 each. ...Call Audrey Morrison at 519 945-7465 if you’re looking for one over the summer. We have been working at cleaning up some quilts on hand and these will be dispersed in the fall to needy organizations. .

Incidentally Audrey Morrison, Donna Gibbs and Lenore Langs visited the Syrian refuge family who came to our church several months ago, taking some food and also a large handquilted quilt from the Busy Bees to them. They were most appreciative and warmly welcomed them. The father has found a job and is learning English at night school and the 3 children are attending school regularly.

We need some volunteers to clean up the flower gardens around the church and also to replace some shrubs and evergreens. We hope to set up a date soon. Let’s get a crew together ASAP..

Much thanks to Vera Keane for the yellow begonias she placed at the front door for us to enjoy. She...

has/ been doing this for 3 years now in memory of her father.

Regulations for public buildings require a yellow strip to highlight outside stairs. We will soon have this in place at the front of the church.

Euchre Cardparties are over for the summer, and will begin again on Friday, September 30. This event is open to the public—cost is $5 which includes lunch at 12:30 and we play cards from 1:00 till 3:30. It’s a fun afternoon. Bring a friend-the more the merrier! Thanks to Donna Gibbs for handling this event the past 2 years.

Diane Rainey is chairing the committee for regular donations to our 5 charities: Downtown Mission, Street Help, Goodfellows, Windsor Youth Centre and the Salvation Army and $200 will be sent to each of them the 1st of July and quarterly as funds are available.

OBITUARIES JEANNETTE JOHNSTON- WIFE OF CHARLES A longtime member of our church and a former member of our choir passed away March 28th, 2016.

The 83rd Windsor Scouting Group thank you for your support over the last year. We are continuing our support of the Ronald McDonald House with our collection of pop tabs in the coming year. A marked canister is located at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor. Start saving for this worthwhile cause and drop them off on your way into church.

We will be continuing our programs thru the summer on a limited basis.  Registration has already begun for the next year. Anyone interested should contact Scouter Ken Blain at  We look forward to our continuing  association with  St. Paul’s Church community.  
An awards banquet was held June 16th at the Scout Shop where badges and other awards were given.  The 3rd year cubs all received 6 star awards and other badges to be worn on their uniform sleeves.  This past weekend, June 18-20,  21 scouts went to Rockglen Resort near Alcona,  On  . And on Father’s Day  some scouts were going to a Dad’s Fun Day     sponsored by the Union #195 .  In the fall they will all receive a new crest for their uniforms.    Ken Blain, Group Commissioner  -  519 948-4023.

St. Paul’s has always had a Christmas Bazaar and the UCW handled it. We had a few Christmas in July bazaar and most recently the past 2-3 years Helen and I took charge of the bazaar. But we can no longer chair it this year for health reasons. It would be very sad to lose this tradition........ unless we could find someone or a group to take it over this year. Helen and I would help and we’ve made notes over the years that could make the job easier. PLEASE will someone take this on for 2016?

GIRLGUIDE REPORT This year the girl guides have been able to have in each age group, enough girls to do things at their meetings and events. The ages are from 5-18 years. Recently a bus was rented and 54 girls and adult supervisors went to “The Jungle Cat World” near Oshawa. For the trip a majority of this number were from St. Paul’s. Camp Briarwood is having summer camping from July 24 to August 13th. Some will be able to go and with money received from the Royal Bank, they can send these girls that cannot afford the cost. Kim Watters-Guide Leader. Have a great summer! Hope to see you in church!

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