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Happy Easter at Blak's Bakery

The PACZKI Tradition

For hundreds of years in my beloved Poland, my countrymen have been celebrating the arrival of Lent by making Paczki (Punch-key). These delicious, jelly filled dough balls are make from the finest ingredients and are covered with several types of sugar or glaze. For Fat Tuesday (Ostatki), the day before Ash Wednesday, our bakers make paczki because we are going to fast for 40 days and we want to use up the ingredients in our households. Our German neighbors to the west call them Berliners and our Austrian friends to the south celebrate with the Krapfen. Please join me, a Polish-American leader, and the Bakers of Pastry Perfection in re-living this old polish custom by enjoying the best paczki.

Herbert A. Holinko, KSIS

Recipient of the Cavalier's Cross, Polands highest civilian award

For me here in Canada, it is off to Blak's Bakery to pick up my annual order for family and friends. Hmmm Mmmm

Comfort Keepers logo 001.jpeg

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care

  • One-on-one care
  • Short visits (2 hours to 24/7)
  • Companion care
  • Recreational activities
  • Fun physical exercises
  • Enjoyable mental exercises
  • Meal preparation or appropriate snacks
  • Personal care
  • Palliative care

Tongue Twister: Friendly Frank flips fine flapjacks

For more information please call 519-946-1001 or visit website

Health Fair
Understanding Our Changing Senses
Organized by the Canadian Hearing Society

  • When:
    • Wednesday , April 16, 2014
    • 10:00am to Noon
  • Where
    • Essex Retirees Social Club
    • 32 Russell Street
    • Essex, Ontario
    • At the corner of Centre Street and Russell

  • Speakers With Tables
    • 10:10am Victorian Order of Nurses
    • 10:30am Canadian Diabetes Association
    • 10:50am Canadian National Institute for the Blind
    • 10:20am Canadian Hearing Society
    • 11:40am Canadian Mental Health

  • Interactive displays at the tables
  • Essex Community Services
  • Foot Care
  • Science City
  • Smell
  • Tactile
  • Everyone is invited .
  • Please give a friend a ride.
  • For question call the
  • Canadian Hearing Society at 519-253-7241

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