Memorial - Hillis, Jack 1921 - 2013

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Jack Hillis


Dad when he was a teenager worked doing odd jobs for the people that owned the Windsor Star until he joined the navy and served 4 years in World War 2. He served on the H.M.C.S. St. Thomas.

When he came home he worked with his father doing carpentry at Fords Of Canada until he got into the Windor Fire Departmentin 1946. He was injured at a fire in 1960 . He broke both heels falling off a ladder at a fire. He retired after 35 years in 1981 as a District Chief. He was the longest serving District Chief ( 10 years). At his passing, he was the longest and oldest surviving retired firefighter. He passed away at age 91. Just 10 weeks short of his 92nd birthday. Cindy


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