Larry Horwitz - Stephen Colbert - December 2012

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Thank you for listening Mr. Colbert.
Windsor is a city which shares a name with a well known English Royal Family, QEII being our nations Crown.

Colbert_Listen.jpg Windsor_Royal_family_on_the_balcony.jpg Colbert_Expression.jpg

Contrary to your recent commentary,
Windsor is located in the HEARTLAND of America, adjacent to the HEART of the Great Lakes with front row seating
in view of the Heartbeat of America's Headquarters in our great neighbour city of Detroit Michigan.

American_Heartland.jpg Heart_of_the_Great_Lakes_LSC.jpg GM_Headquarters_Heatbeat_of.jpg

HeartbeatInTheHeartland.jpg Lake_St_Clair_Heart_of_the_Great_Lakes.jpg Heartbeat_Chevy.jpg

Let's recap, Heartland, Heart, Heartbeat. Black and white enough for you?

Evander_Holyfield_Heart.jpg Colbert_Head_Rectum.jpg Zebra_Ass.jpg

Thank you for listening.
Now let's get back to a fresh update from our favourite pundit, Jon Stewart. Thank you Jon.

Jon_Stewart_01.jpg Jon_Stewart_QEII.jpg

Hey Jon, we need to talk - - She is a Windsor after all ...

Thank you to all copyright holders for the use of their images to convey this important (tongue in cheek) message to our News Pundit community. If there is a problem, please contact me and I will work with you to give proper credit. m.

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