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Joe Giglio 04 17 2012 CR DSC 2598.jpg
Happy Birthday Joseph Giglio
Over 45 years of service to the Wyandotte W. community and still dressed in traditional apron ready to serve.

Stopping in late Tuesday, Joe mentioned to me in front of a group of young ladies that yesterday was his birthday, so we all piped up and sang a long and loud "Happy Birthday to you " to a now blushing Joseph. He mentioned an age which I didn't hear, but one of the young ladies commented that he didn't look a day over 39. Joe already blushing and beaming, thanked her and her friends for the kind words. Joe has been a beloved fixture of this area and this building in particular for many years. Long enough that my two daughters who grew up visiting his deli and learning to enjoy the Italian cookies and Orangina drink they got after buying some deli meat for their lunches to be off on their own in life.
Joe even delivers groceries to his elderly customers on a regular basis in keeping with his life long tradition of providing quality products and personal service.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood be sure to stop in and pick up a few things and don't forget to say that Michael sent you by.

Happy Birthday Joe and many many more. We appreciate your service. (04-17-2012)
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