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Parkinson home.jpg Paying it forward

By Gerry Lundy, Special To The Star April 6, 2011

As Parkinson's disease ended my working life in 2005 and affected five of my coworkers, I set out to find out all I could about this progressive and incurable disease. The Windsor Parkinson's Support Group helped me see the bigger picture - that you help yourself by helping others.

Gerry Lundy

Knowing that there is little other funding for research and education, I joined eight of my former employees and volunteered with registration and accounting for our major annual fundraiser, the Parkinson SuperWalk.

Then I acted as group coordinator for two years until the disease rendered me unable to continue.

Volunteering benefits the volunteer as well as the community. The sense of accomplishment I feel when each year's fundraising total is higher than the last is indescribable. I am gratified that a number of family members join me each year in our fundraising efforts.

Although time is now my enemy, it is the most valuable resource I can offer to help others and myself. Simply put, it's necessary.

As Muhammad Ali writes: "Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth".

I have a sibling who kept his struggle with PD a secret. As Parkinson Society Canada (www.parkinsonsociety. ca) celebrates 45 years of proudly supporting Canadians living with PD, I hope he learns what I did - that knowledge is power and that by paying it forward you make your world a better place.

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